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Support for decision-making

Under conditions of continuous regulatory change, businesses are exposed to the effects of nonconformance, which can disrupt normal and efficient operation and result in sanctions that harm your corporate reputation.

FIDESBURó provides both ongoing and occasional Legal and Tax Consulting services with an integrated approach that translates into support by a team experienced in risk prevention and always up to the minute on corporate legislation issues and good business practices.

With our support, clients get answers to their legal and tax problems, leading to effective solutions for controlling, minimising, or eliminating business risks and being in the best position to make decisions.


Foresight and prevention control risks

It is important to periodically validate business practices to make sure they are optimal and not putting you at risk of losing earnings from a lack of awareness.

FIDESBURó provides a Tax Review service aimed at giving you an assessment of your tax status and compliance with formal taxpayer requirements. We will verify your business practices and recommend how to improve them or bring them into conformity with the law to avoid future vulnerability.

Identifying the source of risks enables you to take preventive and corrective measures to enhance your ability to face any audit process your company may undergo due to strict controls exercised by tax authorities or other regulatory agencies.


Effective protection of your rights

We understand the need for diligent and effective legal assistance in facing the difficulties that arise in any enterprise. Businesses may be harmed or helped depending on how entrusted representation is handled, whether for required authorizations, tax refunds, or effective advocacy in inspection and control processes by government entities.

FIDESBURó provides a Legal and Tax Representation service staffed by first-rate professionals with extensive experience in legal management and representation who are committed to delivering their best efforts, applying their skills within a framework of professional ethics, and achieving the optimal results for clients.

Our support will enable you to devote your full attention and efforts to your business activities while entrusting the defense of your rights and interests to our experts, whether in administrative or judicial proceedings.

Transfer Pricing

Assessing practices to avoid tax adjustments


Transactions with related parties and companies based in places with lower or no taxes are subject to special regulations aimed at making sure such transactions comply with the arm’s length principle or, otherwise, that adjustments are made to income tax calculations.

FIDESBURó provides a Transfer Pricing service that includes comprehensive report analysis and preparation, assistance in preparing annexes for transactions with local and foreign related parties, and advice for effective implementation of the arm’s length principle, thus avoiding penalties and adjustments set forth in tax law for such local and foreign transactions.

We are part of an international network of offices specialized in transfer pricing and application of agreements to prevent double or international taxation. This alliance enhances our ability to provide assistance and advice for the proper local application of tax law in international transactions.


Optimizing the tax burden within legal parameters

Any new venture requires a preliminary analysis of its advantages and obstacles in sufficient detail to reliable project expected results. The same applies to the development, expansion, or diversification of existing enterprises, where it is advisable to consider whether the benefits obtained might be outweighed by the risks entailed.

FIDESBURó provides a Tax Planning service that enables you to structure a business strategy that is beneficial to shareholders and aimed at capitalising on advantages or benefits under tax law, while ensuring compliance with conditions and requirements.

We identify tax opportunities and benefits to ensure the optimum tax outcome for your business within the legal framework.


Complex issues handled by specialists

Bookkeeping based on accounting rules prescribed by the public regulatory authority serves as a tool for business decision-making and keeps you from falling into risky situations.

FIDESBURó provides an Accounting and Tax Outsourcing service that offers you proper handling of accounting, validated information for timely tax-return filing, and management support through responsive, verifiable information on operating results.

Keeping accounting records in accordance with mandatory rules and regulations enables you to a) rely on the information needed for decision-making; b) significantly reduce exposure to business risks; c) project results and facilitate business planning; and d) strengthen corporate identity in the eyes of creditors and regulatory authorities.


Ongoing staff development

Instilling in the workforce a strong interest in staying current with corporate legislation and leaving only highly technical matters to service providers is an integral part of the organizational culture of companies that succeed in solving the day-to-day problems of their business.

FIDESBURó provides Legal and Tax Training services aimed at keeping company executives up to date on tax, labor, corporate, and obligational issues. We use an analysis and case-study approach with practical applications and emphasis on sharing lessons learned in consulting and representation processes.

We help you by refreshing the knowledge base of your workforce to assure a proper grasp of legal and tax regulations, thereby controlling risks resulting from mistaken, untimely or incomplete implementation, especially when rule changes or reforms occur.

Family Office

Planning for a smooth business succession

Achieving lasting success in business must be complemented by a legal and tax formula that ensures a smooth succession of corporate assets and control over business operations in behalf of your family.

FIDESBURó provides a Family Office service committed to assisting you in planning for the future using the most reliable legal tools to control the tax impact on your business and your family when carrying out the instructions you leave.

We are members of an international network of experts bringing together vast expertise in developing alternatives and strategies to protect your assets and investments over time, taking into account your priorities and those of your family.